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How many founders does the company have, {{answer_53083280}}?

Apart from the founders, how many employees (under contract) work there?

Are there any executives (managers) apart from founders?

How many years of relevant industry experience does the team have in total?

Has your team worked together before?

Ignore if single founder
Has anyone member of your team failed or succeeded big with a tech startup before?

Are the founders involved in any other jobs/companies?

In what way is the team investing in the startup themselves, how far does the commitment go?

Does the founding team have technical expertise?

Does the founding team have business expertise?

Product and Market

Is your product/service provided online?

How big is your adressable market?

How would you measure your target market?

How fast is the market growing?

How strong is your competition?

How does competition compare in terms of product and problem it's solving?

How would you identify the demand for your product/service?

Is the product:

What are the barriers for entry for new players in the market?

What is the current stage of the product?

Business Model and Traction

Is the business model already proven or validated by the market?

Your business model is:

What is the main strategy for business development?

Is there a systematic marketing strategy already applied?

What is the main online marketing channels used?

What is the traction in terms of users and revenue?

How fast are you growing in terms of users on a monthly basis?

How often do customers use your product?

Is your product more valuable to an individual user if more people are using it?

What are the key metrics for your business?

What is your Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost ratio?

Are there any strategic partnerships in place?

Legal and IP

Is there a legal entity incorporated?

Where is the HQ?

Which market is prevalent?

When was the company founded?

Your intellectual property is:

What kind of IP is applicable to your product?

How dependant is your product on legislation?


Where will the company be in 3 years in terms of annual revenue?

Who is the largest outside investor in the company so far?

How is the next funding round going to be allocated?

What is the exit strategy for investors in the company?

What is the monthly revenue?

And your role in the startup is...

And your company website is...

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